About Us

Find out what we're about and our zesty journey so far.

What is Lemonet?

Lemonet - (pronounced leh-muhn-net) is the largest blog and media outlet database for link building on the internet. It's a free-to-access, transparent marketplace platform built for the needs of digital marketing teams (and everyone else in our footer).  

Lemonet, as a brand, combines lemons & the internet. Among other fruits, lemons are particularly juicy. It might be a stretch of the imagination, but we found comfort in the connection between lemons and the common term in SEO - "Link Juice", which describes the value or equity transferred from one page or site to another via hyper{links}, acting as endorsements by other sites of your page's relevance and quality.  

As a core team, we wanted to be the one-stop shop and standard for link building on the internet - so we combined a juicy, citrus fruit that supposedly symbolizes time of purpose, action and clarity with the internet (you all know what that is). We also couldn't name the brand apple or orange, for obvious reasons. It also helps that, as a savvy SEO group, we like limoncello, and there is a crazy amount of memes to do with lemons. Saluti! 

...weird, right? Thank-you Will - we got this from Giphy

The Lemonet marketplace was built to streamline what should be a simple barter for online authority, but in reality, it is a messy hustle. Link building today is hard. It requires tenacious execution and unrelenting effort alongside a certain degree of savviness. The vision with Lemonet is to make it simple and accessible. 

The industry is loaded with unscrupulous freelancers and agency-owning shylocks; it is hard for brands to find what they want and repeat good results, never mind GREAT results. That is why Lemonet will be output focused. Free to access, always, and transparent. We'll offer a price match guarantee to foster an open industry and build confidence in a system that works. 

How did Lemonet start?

We started as an SEO agency in the UK and Ireland serving medium to larger clients, from national operators and scaling startups to larger corporate-type enterprises. That start allowed the core team to gain perspective on a host of problem areas associated with aligning and surpassing client expectations in off-page SEO. 

We found that we were using Excel sheets, then evolved to Google Sheets, and had custom yet formats for each client based on their needs - it was messy and an operational nightmare. Lemonet aims to solve operational inefficiencies while streamlining off-page SEO success. We want to empower brands to reach their potential online. 

Our Core Team

We don't pretend to be a family. We're more like a high-performance sports team. Everyone contributes in their own way with their own skill set, in their own time, towards a collective goal. 

We're a group of accountable individuals passionate about SEO and shipping helpful products. We're bound by a common purpose to achieve "customer delight" as quickly as possible and we will do that by following the below principles and values as a company.

  1. Customers First. Always. 
  2. Lean UX. Test to succeed. Fail fast & often. 
  3. Quick & informed decision-making. 
  4. Radical candidness and transparency.
  5. Community enablement & partner empowerment.  
  6. Personal life balance & fulfilment.

Interested in working with us, contributing or partnering? Shoot us a lime to hi@🍋#.com

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